ProSale API

Problems we solve

ProSale API makes integration with any type of system very simple. In cases where more advanced functions are required can these be added later.

Developer Website

To facilitate integration with ProSale we provide documentation, tools, source code, etc. in our Developer Website.


The following diagram is an overview of the groups of operations that available in the API:

Overview API Operations
Initiate instance This call can be e.g. to start a Signing, a Delivery, a Seal or a Form. In return sent a number of parameters is sent back to the Business Application.
Target dialogue(s) A target can for example be a signatory, receiver or a form. The behaviour and results are then reported in the next step.
Instance dialogue reporting This is a customizable function to provide the Business Application with required updates on an instance. Examples include whether signatories declined, incorrect information or if the instance has been withdrawn.
Instance completed This means that an instance is completed. It can for example be a signed document in any format (PDF, XML, Word, Excel, etc.), a delivery or timestamp of a transaction.