ProSale Signing

The next generation of electronic signature

  • Individual digital document signatures, secure and legally binding
  • Secret and sensitive document can be signed on the Web without leaving the company premises
  • Uses different Levels of Assurance with the possibility of Qualified Signatures
  • Provides the desired level of signature security: HSM, SSM or Server stamping
  • Enables individual digital document signatures without an existing certificate (SMS/Email OTP, Password, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Microsoft account, etc.)
The eSign Life Cycle

ProSale Signing provides the next generation of electronic signatures with individual digital signatures as a Cloud Service.

It is possible for a Signatory with for example a two-factor identification (without its own certificate) to sign data electronically. Different Levels of Assurance are handled and existing identities are used whenever possible. With identification at Assurance Level 3 we can provide Qualified Electronic Signatures.

We provide the required level of signature security. This includes for example creating the digital signatures in a Hardware Security Module (HSM), in a Software Security Module (SSM) or using an existing server certificate to “stamp” the document.

Qualified Electronic Signatures are always created and handled in a HSM.

ProSale Signing can be used in a Federation to provide signatures service capabilities.

Signature Flow

In ProSale Signing it is possible to select the signature flow:
  • Sequential - persons must sign in the order listed. In a sequential flow, the order of the signatures is of importance. This can e.g. be used for a contract where it is important that one party signs before another. In this flow a person signs all previous signatures.

  • Parallel - persons may sign in any order. In a parallel flow the order of the signatures is not important. This can e.g. be used for meeting minutes or a company formation document. In this flow the signatures in the document are independent of each other.


ProSale is multilingual and the following languages are now available: English, Swedish, Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Russian, Traditional Chinese. New languages will be added as required.


Signature Request with Mobile Text (SMS)

If a document is not signed directly, persons must be informed that there is a document where their signature is required. In ProSale Signing a standard Signing Request is sent with an email to the party or parties from whom a signature is required.

As an additional service there is also the possibility to send and a Text (SMS) simultaneously with a Signature Request. The advantage of this service is that time of signature is reduced dramatically as it gives people the opportunity to sign directly on their mobile phone. If SMS is used for authentication a code is sent/received identification. If mobile PKI (e.g. BankID) is specified and installed on the mobile phone this is used for authentication. In order to avoid unnecessary Text to be sent these can filtered.

On-Site Signature

With ProSale Signing it is possible to sign documents On-Site, without any special hardware such as a sign pad. Examples of sites are meeting rooms, car rental place, equipment rental, craft contracts, etc. The only requirement is that the Signatories have access to their mobile phone and possibly have a Mobile PKI (BankID) installed.

This feature gives the opportunity for more documents to stay electronic all the way, without going onto paper and then be scanned back.

An example of use is that of employment contracts. Many employers want to meet the employee and then sign paper documents. This initial paper document can easily be signed electronically with ProSale On-Site Signature and thus avoiding scanning, paper handling and archiving.

An example of combination effects

Another very descriptive example of efficiency and cost savings in this service is when it is combined with "Signature Request with SMS" and a parallel signature flow.

A very common example is that of e.g. five people at a meeting at which they make a decision or agree on a text that must be signed by the participants. We refrain here from describing the old process with a paper document that physically is passed around for five signatures and focus insteda on the new way of work. In the meeting room the Secretary displays the decision or text that should be signed. The Secretary starts the signing process. All five participants at the meeting will now receive a Text Message (SMS) almost simultaneously and can On-Site signe the displayed document. Authentication can be done with different Levels of Assurance such as Mobile BankID, OTP SMS/Email, Windows Live, etc. When the document with the decision or text is signed it is distributed to all parties, including the Secretary.


ProSale Signing supports the PDF/A standard used for the archiving and long-term preservation of signed documents.