Verify a signed document

Documents signed with ProSale Signing can be verified in a number of different ways.

Verify using ProSale Signing

One alternative is to use ProSale Signing. Just upload a file and click on the "Verify" button.

Select file:

Update certificates in Adobe Reader

1. Select Edit then Preferences and click Trust Manager
2. In the Automatic Adobe Approved Trusted Certificates Updates section, mark tick both checkboxes: Load trusted root certificates... and Ask before updating.
3. Click the button Update Now
4. Certificates in Adobe Reader will now be updated.
5. When the update is completed, close Adobe Reader and open the document again to validate the signatures.

Verify using Adobe software

The document can be verified with software such as Adobe Acrobat or Reader.
If the certificate is not recognized by Adobe, a security warning dialog box appears. To avoid this warning you must configure the product for Windows Integration:
1. Select Edit then Preferences and click Security.
2. In the Digital Signature section, click Advanced Preferences.
3. Click the Windows Integration tab.
4. On the Windows Integration page, select Enable searching the Windows Certificate Store for certificates other than yours.
5. Then select Validating Signatures.
6. Click OK and then OK.

Verify using third party services

There are also third party verification services available, e.g. Signature-Check ( where one can verify a signature.